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High Performance Logistics


The H.P.Logistics goal is to offer contractors a convenient and customized logistics solution with a high level of service. With over 17 years of experience in distribution and in close dialogue with our customers, we know what is needed to develop the value chain.

We offer unique and customized system solutions in customized logistics with a high level of service and flexibility. We are constantly working on new unique logistics solutions to get even better.

We provide fast and secure distribution services and services for a wide range of products, all over the world. Along with the customer, we develop and simplify the joint venture. We take responsibility through dialogue and knowledge with the customer.

I Nostri Servizi

H.P.Logistics offers custom logistics services with high levels of service and flexibility.

Logistics for electronic commerce

For B2C and B2B, which includes storage, as well as the collection and packaging of orders. If you want, we can also solve special packaging, labeling and other rework.

Our warehouses are present in different geographical areas, we work with our customers also in their corporate structures or in facilities specially tailored for the specific job, it is always possible to visit the warehouses to examine their products, for example to guarantee the quality and ‘look at the goods purchased.

Outsourcing logistics
Outsourcing logistics

Distribution Solutions – Your Complete Logistic Partner

H.P.Logistics offers comprehensive distribution solutions around the world. We personalize the shipping solution optimally for consumers at every purchase.
H.P.L is always at the forefront and the latest in transportation is rapidly and can be implemented according to the needs of customers and consumers.
We are certified by the Customs, which offers us simplified delivery and administration in Italy and other EU countries.

Customized IT Solutions

For our customers’ requirements for electronic data transmission infrastructure, we have an IT customized offer, we can integrate your ERP with our WMS. Our IT integration package including automatic order transfer, confirmation order, purchase orders and articles against most of the business systems on the market. We resolve that inventory budgets are always up to date and that the customer receives an email notification when the order is packaged and on its path.


Outsourcing logistics
Outsourcing logistics

Customer service with customer manager

We provide multilingual customer service tailored to our customers’ hours of opening hours.
In our offer, it is always included that there is a responsible operational person called to contact on operating issues as a priority etc.
As a customer, you also have a person responsible for business / customer contact for pricing.


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